To stand the best chance of winning your child custody - get a good attorney

Yep, having a good child custody attorney to work on your case can make a whole deal lot of difference.

When my girlfriends were in the process of their child custody battle with their ex, they were literally fighting for their life because their child meant so much to them. If you are in this situation right now, before you begin that fight, you might want to read how you can stand the best chance of winning custody of your child.

All my friends who had gone through the ordeal agreed that the first thing to do is get a good child custody lawyer. I can understand that you are worried about the lawyer fees and wondering how much a good child custody attorney will charge, right? But, seriously, fees or charges is not your main concern now. You'll want to get the best because your child deserves it. Otherwise, you might as well save yourself all the trouble and just hand the kid over to your ex.

One unusual tactic that one of my friends used was that, besides pointing out the weaknesses of her ex when testifying, she actually pointed out what was good about him. We didn't quite understand how this strategy work, but it seemed that the strategy worked very well in her case. And who came up with the strategy? Her attorney, of course!

But then, not all of my girlfriends relied on their child custody attorney 100% of the time. They also did their own research to look for proven winning child custody strategies information.

A couple of them actually took advice from a book written by two of America's most famous custody experts. While I personally have not read it (and pray that I never have to!), I heard that the book has been of great help to them in their custody fight. If you want to be well prepared for your child custody battle, you might want to check out the book here.