Experts behind those child custody strategies...

I hope the information I provided somehow helped you to think over your strategies on winning your child custody right. But if you truly want the best chance of winning, then you have to get help from the experts. You definitely need to discuss the matter over with your child custody attorney, but you also can see what other strategies these two people have to offer. They are the ones whose product my girlfriends referred to additional tips. I checked out their website and here's some information for you.

First, the product - Custody Strategies - is very specialized, so much so that it has information relative to whether you are the mother or father of the child. Depending on who you are, there are different strategies for you. The product separate the strategies to cater for either parent.

Who are behind the book? Well, the book is written by two people who have over 30 years experience with child custody, Dr. Barry Bricklin and Dr. Gail Elliot.Both of them have very long CVs....

Dr. Bricklin is a psychologist in private practice. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Widener University and has also previously served on the faculty of a couple of Universities. Dr Bricklin has served as a consultant in psychology to the Walter Reed Army Hospital Research Center, to the United States Army, to the New York Academy of Medicine, and to the Columbia Broadcasting System.

Dr. Elliot is Head, Child Development and Family Processes Research, Bricklin Associates, the Vice Chair of the Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators and a psychologist in private practice. She has served as a consultant to public and private schools and coordinated multidisciplinary treatment plans. She was responsible for devising for Bricklin Associates an information-processing oriented educational therapy technique and a comprehensive college entrance service for children with serious motivational problems and low self-esteem problems.

So you can see that these people are professionals in this matter.

The book (Child Custody Strategies for Women) has 15 hard hitting chapters in it, starting with the role of bias in these cases. It then goes into the most frequently made errors, 14 key strategies, all outlined in detail, false assumptions, strategies that can be used against you, (very important) what your lawyer should do for you, how to get your lawyer to work harder for you, the bribed or manipulated child, physical disability, how to control costs, the best approach to use, costs involved, how to make sure a custody evaluator has the proper expertise to carry out an evaluation, what to do if you believe an evaluation has been biased.

In short, these two doctors have left nothing out. I think you will find this book to be quite thorough.

And that one book is just a fraction of what you get. I won’t go into the rest of it because there is just too much to go over. Essentially, you get a whole child custody package that will provide you with everything you will need.

At the very least, go to their site and see what they have to offer. After all, the custody of your child is at risk here and you do want to make sure that you’ve done everything possible to give yourself the best chance to win this battle.

Go to their site.