How to get custody of your child - increase your chances

Child custody is one of the most emotionally draining things anybody can go through. And it truly is an ugly process. All of us have seen enough of that in movies. And it's not any better (actually it can be worse!) in real life. If you want to give yourself the best chance of getting custody of your child, there are a few ways to go about it which my cousin shared with me, and in turn I will share them here.

One thing you must be clear of is that, no matter how ugly this whole process is, your goal is to win, and not to be an angle or a saint. So, you have to show as much documentation as you can of abuse by the other parent, either towards you or towards the child. It will be even better if this can be verified by visits to the emergency room for bruises or other injuries, or show photos of this abuse. Like I said…this is an ugly process. The truth behind all child custody wars.

On the other end, you want to paint yourself in the best possible light. First of all, please dress properly for the hearings and behave well. Get as many character witnesses as you can to testify to your parenting of the child. Before the hearing, collect as many 'evidence' as you can to prove that you have always had the child’s best interests at the top of your mind. This is going to help your case a big time.

The next one may be tough, but you want to be able to discredit any witnesses that your ex calls against you. Bring out whatever dirt about them that you can to reduce the significance of their testimony, such as they're unemployed, they're always get drunk, they’re irresponsible towards their own children, whatever.

One very, very crucial point - because obviously you won't be able to do this alone - make sure you get yourself a lawyer who specializes in child custody AND who has an outstanding winning record. When you meet your child custody lawyer, be blunt and ask all questions upfront. You want to know how many cases he handles, and how many he has won. You need to make sure this because you're fighting for your child custody and you want only the best to help you win this custody war.